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Technology To Create The Best Subwoofers And Loudspeakers

At Danley Sound Labs we build loudspeakers which are unique, not re-tooled versions of existing designs. Loudspeaker manufacturers typically make all sorts of claims for their products. Subjective superlatives and promises of performance abound! We are most certainly not following the crowd. We invite you to look behind the grille and see what is inside our loudspeakers. Danley designs cabinets like no one else. Our specifications are confirmed by an independent lab. The technology alone is not enough. Listen to a Danley. Compare Danley to the competition, and you decide how best to describe what you have heard!

The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts

Every so often, an individual has an idea that changes things in a fundamental way. Tom Danley's Synergy Horn™ is one of those ideas. The Synergy Horn™ makes it possible to build loudspeakers that perform the way loudspeakers should perform. In the past, horns have fallen out of favor, not because horns are inherently bad sounding, but because no one could figure out how to build a practical full range horn. The Synergy Horn ™ allows Danley Sound Labs to build full range, point source loudspeakers which are phase accurate, and consistent in response over the entire coverage angle. The Synergy Horn ™ is at the heart of virtually all full range Danley loudspeakers. It is the technology which allows us to put multiple drivers of different bandwidths into a single horn, and make them behave as a single full range loudspeaker.

subwoofers rock

subwoofers rock

The "Threat" Of The Tapped Horn Subwoofer™

The role of the subwoofer is simple; deliver the low end as accurately and efficiently as possible. Accuracy, because the music deserves it. Efficiency because the planet needs it. The Tapped Horn Subwoofer ™, is the next step in the evolution of the subwoofer. Tom Danley is rightly known for innovation in subwoofer design. His Servodrive subwoofer changed the game virtually overnight. The bar has been raised again. Listen to any one of the Danley Tapped Horn family of subwoofers. It will change the way you think about subwoofers.

Deliver a simple, pure, natural and uncolored sound.

Put the sound energy in the audience's seats, not sprayed over the side walls, ceiling and floors.

Maintain directivity control at the lowest possible frequency for the best results.

Tapped Horn Series

The most powerful family of horn loaded subwoofers

See Tapped Horns

Tapped Horns

Synergy Horn Series

The most accurate family of loudspeakers

See Synergy Horns

Synergy Horns