When God wanted to make some noise, he used horns….. hence the Jericho!

Jericho Horns


The Jericho family consists of loudspeakers which are all capable of extremely high sound pressure levels. These levels are in some cases well beyond the ability of most devices to accurately measure. Our SPL specs are necessarily calculated. We calculate the maximum sound pressure levels by looking at the efficiency, which we can measure at low levels, and then the power handling ability of the components and finally the apparent gain that the horn provides. We also make far field measurements and then calculate back to an equivalent 1 meter specification. We strongly caution you not to try to measure these extremely high sound pressure levels near the cabinet. We are confident that all of our Jericho specifications are conservative.

Tapped Horn Series

The most powerful family of horn loaded subwoofers

See Tapped Horns

Tapped Horns

Synergy Horn Series

The most accurate family of loudspeakers

See Synergy Horns

Synergy Horns