The SH Micro

Ultra Low Profile

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SH Micro

The SHMicro is an ultra low profile Synergy Horn™ in a package less than 8" tall

The SHMicro is popular for under balcony fill and also works very well for home theater center channel or surrounds. Each cabinet houses two 5.5 inch woofers and one 4.5 inch full range loudspeaker.

Ultra low profile Synergy Horn


  • coverage Pattern
    50˚ x 100˚ H asymmetric x 50˚ V
  • operating
    frequency range
    350 Hz - 18 kHz
    50 Hz - 20 kHz -10dB
  • continuous output
    122 dB SPL
  • peak output
    128 dB SPL
  • sensitivity
    96 dB SPL (2.83 Volts into rated Z, at 1 meter)
  • driver complement
    one 10" LF, one 1" HF
  • dimensions
    12 x 28 x 25.5
  • weight
  • Rated Impedance
    8 Ohms
  • Power Rating
    400 W continuous, 800 W program

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