The TH28

An extremely compact pro subwoofer

th28 header image


The TH28 is an extremely compact subwoofer that can easily be hidden under a step or stage

By using properly designed rigging, the TH28 can be flown with an SM100 for an ultra compact array. It will produce 124 dB @ 45Hz yet is only 10.5 inches high! The TH28 features an interchangeable port/grill that allows for vertical or horizontal installations.

Over 120 dB at 45 Hz from a 10.5 inch high box!


  • operating
    frequency range
    47 Hz - 162 Hz - 3 dB
    38 Hz – 180 Hz -10dB
  • continuous output
    126 dB SPL
  • peak output
    132 dB SPL
  • sensitivity
    100 dB (2.83 Volts into rated Z, at 1 meter) measured in half space
  • driver complement
    two 8" long excursion woofers
  • dimensions
    20 x 30 x 10.5 inches
  • weight
    61 lbs
  • Rated Impedance
    8 Ohms
  • Power Rating
    400 W continuous
    800 W program

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