The GH60

A truly unique loudspeaker

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The GH60 Genesis Horn incorporates 3 pending patents in one box: the Synergy Horn™, the Paraline and the Shaded Amplitude Lens. The GH60 houses a total of 18 drivers utilizing 21 horizontal 20° downward vanes that provide even front-to-back coverage (better than line array performance) from a single point source. Due to the Shaded Amplitude Lens, the GH60 has 16 dB of gain on the furthest listener's axis and all 45° of the vertical coverage is useable.

Everything you wanted a line array to do and more!!


  • coverage Pattern
    60˚ horizontal x 45˚ SA Vertical
  • operating
    frequency range
    90 Hz - 16 kHz ( -10 dB points)
  • continuous output
    133 dBSPL
  • peak output
    139 dB SPL
  • sensitivity
    104 dB (2.83 Volts into rated Z, at 1 meter) measured in free space
  • driver complement
    eight 6.5" LowFreq.
    eight 4" Mid Range
    two 1.4" High Freq.
  • dimensions
    48 x 30 x 23 inches
  • weight
    199 lbs
  • Rated Impedance
    4 ohms
  • Power Rating
    1400 continuous, 2800 program

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